About Us

SFO, widely respected as the Official Advocate for the Personal Investor, originally began life in late 2001 as Stock Futures & Options, focused on educating traders about stock futures and stock options. By mid-2003, it was clear that the mission was broader, and the magazine became Stocks, Futures and Options, providing individual and retail traders with information, education and analysis that they can use to become more successful and more profitable.

As the markets evolved for the retail participant, so did SFO's coverage. At the height of its popularity, they offered 25 major categories of regular coverage. These included technical and fundamental analysis, psychology of trading, world markets, day trading and trading systems, green investing, exchange-traded funds and foreign currency.

SFO consistently remained on the cutting edge of markets and technology and splashed into the digital magazine world with its March 2010 publication. The magazine served as a reliable place for active traders to find consistently useful and cutting-edge articles on markets, trading strategies and technical methods, as well as economic and regulatory issues.

The focus on global and national news, commentary and methodologies in both equities and derivatives markets offered information readers could use to shape their personal investing styles and make the most of market opportunities.

TraderPlanet.com assumed ownership of SFO magazine in October 2012 and plans to continue its legacy of offering freely available, high caliber global market analysis and conceptual discussion through an ongoing partnership with its individual contributors, led by SFO's former Managing Editor, Kira Brecht.